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Fix and repair broken ignition switches in all vehicles makes and models.

Hendersonville Locksmith Company - Vehicle Ignition Lock and Door Lock Repair Service- Hendersonville Locksmith Company can come to your location and repair your ignition locks. Locks in vehicles can break. Tumblers can get stuck. Springs can jam. Hendersonville Locksmith Company can come to your location and take out your igniton lock and repair it. This can save you huge amounts of money. If you haven't checked. Ignition locks are expensive. If you have a newer car the cost is even higher. A new ignition switch for some vehicles can cost as much as $400!!! Most of the time yours can be repaired! We come to your location and take out your lock and fix the problem for a third of the cost for just the lock price itself. Once you purchase the lock you will then have to have it installed which can cost you hundreds of dollars as well.

How much do you charge for Hendersonville Vehicle Igniton Lock Repairs? - Many factors come into play when pricing a lock repair for a vehicle. Since every vehicle manufacture uses different locks and some vehicles its easier to get the lock out then others, price can be different for each make and model and even by just one year. We will do the best here so we can give you a general idea of cost. Please call or contact us to get an exact quote for you make and model. Our service charge to come out is $45. This can increase or decrease based on your location in Hendersonville. The further you are form us the more the service charge can get. But most calls in Hendersonville is $45. To remove the lock sometimes you have to take a whole dash apart or a whole steering column apart. We charge anywhere from $45 - $120 for this service. We try to keep cost down as much as possible for you. So your average cost to repair a ignition lock on your vehicle will cost in the price range of $90-$150.

This is still much better than our competitors or the dealership prices. You could pay $300 for a new lock and pay the dealership or one of our competitors as much as $400 to install it on some models!

Save Time. Save Money. Have it done right. Call us today!!



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